Ace that interview!

Mine being a generation that’s just entering the workforce, acing that interview and landing the dream job..albeit a job..really any job in light of the economic situation, has suddenly become more important than ever. I’m often asked by eager job seekers for some tips… so here’s my first bit of words of wisdom that was passed down to me not so long ago.

An ever increasingly popular format of questions a good recruiter would ask a candidate is the behaviour based format, also known as behavioural event interviewing (BEI). These are designed to gauge a candidate’s future behaviour based on past performance.  For a job seeker, this is great news for you as you are being asked about something you have already done. Be cautioned: This is not the time to ramble on and on about every gruesome detail of how you saved your group in an enormous project that was heading downhill. Remember the average person has a pretty short attention span for garble.

Want to ace that interview? Use the method of CAR. When responding to an interview question, first describe the Context (what was the situation, position, task), then the Action you took (what specific action did YOU take) and the Result you achieved (How have you made a specific, measurable contribution that added value). Using this simple technique you help the interviewer to hang on to your words and easily stay focused and interested in what you have to say.



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