Proscrastination @ the Peak of my Preparation!

I can’t believe 3 weeks from today I will be off to Costa Rica – a trip I planned a year ago, and dreamed of many moons ago! Oh how time flies!! So I am in the final few weeks of preparation, and my Spanish is….er… not good enough for me to translate the words “not progressing” eek 😦

At least I worked on my blog today, I think I can manage this baby now. I also found some AWESOME pictures of Costa Rica on Flickr today – got me super pumped!!

Amanece (dawn) in Costa Rica

So, let’s talk about this project that I am off to… shall we?

Destination: Carrera Buena, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Duration: 5 weeks, followed by adventure in Happy Land if I survive!

1. Youth Development: Recreation and Soccer Field Facilities
2. Education: English as a Second Language and Basic Computer Classes
3. Youth Leadership: Environmental Education
4. Program Monitoring, evaluating and Reporting

Given my limited (read absolutely zero) experience with the outdoors, I trekked my way down to MEC for a good dose of lesson on equipments and personal protection stuff. I also have been personally responsible for my neighbourhood  Shopper’s Drug Mart’s profit increase this month! I don’t think I have taken this many medications or vaccines my whole life…. I guess I have done my part for the economic recovery =)

So, why am I doing all this? Good question…. ask me tomorrow. Ciao!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Very exciting trip to happen. I can’t help my self feeling excited too.
    Challenging projects too…
    Good luck, bring the bacon back home…
    Good luck then…

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