Toast with that?

I did a Toastmaster speech about my upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Here it is, uploaded for your viewing pleasure… come to think of it, maybe I should have taped it…or maybe not!

**************************************9 Weeks*****************************************

I was minding my business at work when it hit me. Are you wondering what hit me?

Earlier that morning…. It was such a beautiful day! You’ve had perfect mornings like this right? You stroll into your kitchen. Enjoy your favourite breakfast – toast and eggs over and easy, gulp down a glass of OJ. Oh yeah!

Even the subway was on time!

Good morning! I smiled to the driver. He dropped me off right in front of my work.

Good morning to everybody in the office! Sat down and opened my calendar.  The way you might mentally prepare for your day.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (throw papers in the air) 9 weeks!!!

Fellow toastmasters, most welcomed guests.. It dawned on me! I have 9 more weeks left before my trip to Costa Rica. I am going to Costa Rica for a 6 week volunteer project which involves working with the local youth.

I better get organized, make a list! I have to learn Spanish, They told me to bring high boots.  why?

For Walking   through   swamp land in the Jungle   ?? 

They told me to get a flash light. Why? (show flash light)

for seeing my way to the toilet in the dark.

 I have to begin taking my malaria medication. Why? Don’t even ask!

 WORST of all.. they told me I needed shots. LOTS of shots.

One of them is for rabies. Don’t even ask! (shake head)

 What’s the big deal? You ask. What’s the big deal?

 Have you ever wanted something for a long long time? Then you finally decided …well this is it, I am going to get what I want. Remember how that felt? The goosebumps? The warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment?

Well… This isn’t about that.

This is me going after something I have wanted for a long time… and every time I think about it I have to ask…(quietly) What the heck were you thinking Sayma? (loud)

Infact this is so out of my comfort zone, even comfortable faces and locations are making me uncomfortable.

My doctor’s really nice, she’s everything you want your doctor to be. I’ve been to her clinic for 8 years now,  I’d say I know her enough – right down to her assistants and the waiting room area.  I am quite comfortable in their presence – as comfortable as one can be with their doctor!

Except, this time, when I went to her office. Something was off. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. But it seemed rather odd when I caught my doctors assistant Amanda smiling at me – not her usual pleasant smile.. but rather kind of mysterious mixed with evil. Like this. 

They left me alone in the examining room.

I heard a buzz …some whispers in the hallway….more buzzzzzzzz…. And then she came in and greeted me… I have just sharpened your needles. (I’ll take needle with me)

 I don’t know about you guys but for me getting a needle is worse than giving a talk.

 She already knows how scared I am of needles. I have a very low pain tolerance. I thought she’d be extra gentle.

 Does this look like she’s going to be extra gentle?? (hold needle in a scary stabbing position)

 Pow she jams one in the first arm. Before I can say ouch, she grabs my other arm, Pow! She jams the other needle.

  (fall down)

 You know when they say this won’t hurt a bit? They lie!

 You know when they say this will sting for a second? They lie about that too! It hurt the next day. Actually it hurt for 3 days! 

 (get up)

 My only consolation is that this trip is for the greater good. I hope to make a lasting difference. This project is all about teaching people to help themselves. This is supposed to be a transformational experience for us volunteers as well.

But I have one shot left!


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