How Cool! My Project Location Changed!

Okay – don’t freak out…. I am so surprised I thought this was a joke at first. My project location changed!! And dare I say I looooooooooove this new project! HOW COOL!

Hopefully this is it…LOL. New project description below:

Community – Los Jazmines

Population – 33 families or 168 peopleProject Partner – Los Jazmines Women Association

+ points – has access to the local bus, even taxi. Cell phone reception, our private room. No sleeping on the floor. Even TV! Not that I watch TV anyway…..

It is located in the northern highland area of Costa Rica, about 15 miles from the Nicaraguan border, in the region of Jazmines, one of the poorest in Costa Rica.

Here’s some more info on what we’ll actually do.

1) Improve school infrastructure for better, safer access to education.

We will be completing the recently restored school and paint desks and the outside of the school.


Around 70 children, from 4 to 13 years, who are educated in Los Jazmines. so super cute!! 🙂 I can’t wait to start!

2) Technology Classroom Construction to increase the technology skills of the community.

3) Host several English as a second language classes for children and other community members.

4) Organize workshops on Sexual Reproductive Health and Environmental Education

While there is no access to internet in the community itself, I will be able to get mail.. haha Mommy – maybe you can send me some snail mail…with no snails in them please.. LOL

Sayma Hai
Reto Juvenil Internacional
PO BOX 420-2070
Sabanilla, Montes de Oca.
San José, Costa Rica

I get to paint – yaay!! How truly awesome!! I can’t wait…as promised, I will keep you posted….we’ll see what other surprises I have left!


One Comment Add yours

  1. suzanne wan says:

    i told you, you are a lucky star! enjoy and take care…….
    you don’t need the air mattress any more! Yeah!

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