Hola from San Jose!

I’m safe and sound in San Jose.

First of all, I must say thank you! I wish I could individually thank every one who’s been so amazing, encouraging and supportive of this adventure for the last however long you’ve known. I feel so loved and I can’t thank you enough. Just please know that I really really appreciate it!

401 @ 3am is quite a sight. I don’t think I ever saw the streets this empty. Flight to Miami was … uneventful? All I remember is purchasing a blanket because I was so cold, and it came with a pillow – next thing I know I am looking out the window at this gorgeous view of Miami! I slept the entire flight.

On the way from Miami to San Jose, there were some islands I guess, that were soooo beautiful. The water was a gorgeous turquoise color. I haven’t seen anything like it before. There were a few houses I could see on the islands that had me wishing I had a parachute!

Coming into San Jose I was surprised to see flat land; beautifully landscaped flat land in every shade of green you can imagine – I thought Costa Rica was all mountains! Then the coolest thing happened…as we descended through the clouds, it was like the ground became alive. The patches of green transformed into beautiful mountains, literally right before my eyes! When the plane touched down, I was mesmerized by my surroundings and heard myself say just one word – WOW! All you see as you land around you are beautiful forests and clouds surrounding mountains.

I became instantly rich! My $450 US turned into 200,000+ Costa Rican colones. Sure enough that didn’t last long. My $20 phone card cost 10,000 colones. I blinked for a bit – that would take getting used to 🙂 The hotel is beautiful – it reminds me of Bangladesh actually. For $30 a night, I have a huge bedroom, with two queen beds, A/C, TV, free Wifi, Breakfast, airport taxi, all included. I even ordered my meal in Spanish and got exactly what I thought I would!

Seabass Casado – platter of delicious goodness – rice, beans, plantain, seabass, salad with lime. Tasted AWESOME!  I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures – I will next time!

I got bitten by a mosquito as I decided to eat by the pool. That didn’t last long, because Costa Rican rain decided to give me company! Holy macro – if any of you questioned if I would get to shower, think again! All of Toronto could get a shower at the rate it poured down on us. In fact at one point, the rain water came rushing down the outer roof of the restaurant and guess where it landed? On the giant plasma TV just under the roof over the bar!

The only two not-so-perfect events although I am not that bothered about them are that I don’t have electricity right now. The power went out, the moment I walked into my room. Luckily they have a generator.  The second thing is that my shower was with super cold water. It was refreshing actually.

The weather here is not that hot! Toronto was far more hot and humid this past week – fingers crossed that won’t change here.

I’m going to catch some sleep and just chill at the hotel today – which reminds me, my dear Mommy and pseudo/surrogate moms, I have 3 locks on the door 2 of which are only unlocked from the inside. I met a few tourists and everyone spoke English! I am so far feeling quite safe and am planning to keep it that way.

Promise not to bombard you with such long essays so often. I only have the luxury of the internet guaranteed until Monday. 🙂 I’m off to picking which tour to go to tomorrow.



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  1. Tas says:

    It rained in Toronto, just to let you know 😛 like down pour 🙂

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