Midweek Surprise Break!

Megan and I came to Upala today for a surprise mid week escape (just kidding).

We are here to purchase some materials for the conferences we´re hostimg – one on sexual health, one on environment and we´ve added one on nutrition and safe food handling.

As I put on my facebook update, we´re almost half way in our construction project. We´ve built most of the walls and now have to complete it, then plaster outside and build the roof! Who knew I am capable of digging a trench, making a foundation structure for a building, mixing cement to make concrete walls and actually build a whole room!! 

It was HARD work!! And I got sick in the middle of it, and have far more appreciation of what I have in Canada. There´s still much to be done and what feels like 2.5 more long , hot weeks here with the chickens, the bugs, the cows, dogs all running and flying around my house. For now, I am thrilled with taking pleasure in being able to eat my snicker bar all by myself, the hot shower I took in La Fortuna or the pasta with tomato sauce I cooked last night for dinner!

I am soooo craving chocolate gelato from Hotel Gelato and Hollywood Gelato, and I am really craving a good chocolate cupcake from Pusateri´s. I really wish I had a magic crystal ball to see what´s happening in Toronto – at home, second home at Bayer, Toastmasters and everywhere else! Hope I didn´t make too much trouble before I left and you´re all finding whatever it is you needed from me. And most of all, hope you´ll be as happy to see me when I am back! I know I am dreaming about it constantly…. Miss you all so much!



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  1. farhanali says:

    It’s awesome that you’re learning some construction work.. I might have some projects for you.

    Is time time going by quickly? It’s been almost 3 week..

  2. farhanali says:


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