The gato ate my pescado!!

It´s time for a short random post, don´t you think?

Here´s a funny story, bitter sweet I would say!

Ohhh!! I miss food!! Food and Hot Showers are my two most favourite things in the world. And I am desperately craving both… Yesterday I thought I had the best luck, until the gato ate my pescado!

I ate at the school kitchen. The cook lady makes all these yummy food everyday and I can´t help but feel like a hungry vulture sometimes, I am ashamed to say. So, yesterday was my lucky day! She gave me some yummy goodness which I happlily devoured!

When I went home, I found my host mom had made me very crispy delicious looking fish… So I told her I wanted it for dinner. Believe me that image of the fish never left my mind for the rest of the day. I couldn´t believe my luck!

Except. the damn cat decided to eat my fish…. not all of it, but enough of it so that I could still see the other side of the yummy goodness that he didn´t eat, but not be able to eat it myself. For a split second I admit I was considering eating the left over – ha ha ha!  😦

I can´t believe I can now count the days left with my fingers on one hand! This last week is the best and also the hardest. We´re mixed in our excitement to get the heck out and to not want to leave our host families behind. The issue I have with goodbyes, the people are the hardest to part with.

I´ll try to write one last blog after I am back in San Jose. Remember the beautiful picture of a river I put up sometimes? It´s the feature image of my last blog. Would you believe it. We went to Megan´s sisters house this Sunday, and she happens to have a Rio (River) in her backyard..

Btw, I was sure it may have been my last day on earth on my way there! But Whoa, when we got to that river, it was like a piece of heaven on earth. It was as beautiful literally, as the image of the river on my blog. Only better. I am going to remember the rush of the cool water, the feel of the rocks on my feet and the song of the waters, birds and monkeys for a long long time!


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