Forget Druxy’s – Jeremy’s Delhi dish

Hello out there in Saymaland,

My name is Jeremy and I am Sayma’s bigger half.
I’ve been teasing her that I am going to login and post a blog.
In a moment of weakness (she’s still jet lagged) I persuaded her to allow me to guest blog.

This is my first blog post (ever) so please expect nothing and I will try to eat that expectation.
Speaking of eating, I was warned that, no matter how vaccinated-careful I am, I will get traveler’s tummy and lose lots of weight.  To counter this, my last two weeks before our flight, I ate everything in sight and topped it off with All You Can Eat Indian food buffet a few hours before boarding our plane for India. I’m like a bear that has stored fat for hibernation.

Speaking of hibernation, that’s pretty much what we’ve done here in Dehli. We’ve only left the hotel once (Sayma’s still getting her footing). The hotel service has been outstanding – free water bottles, twice a day room cleaning, personal workout trainer at the gym, room service and airport pickup with a professional SAYMA HAI placard awaiting us outside the arrivals gate.

Speaking of gates, we did leave the hotel gates once so Sayma could start amassing fabric & inventory for her (soon to be famous) Designed Konscience clothing line (online store coming soon).  inline-jaipur-textile-wholesale         IndiaDelhiTraffic-621x315

My experience of being in a car in Dehli was daredevilish. The government here should stop wasting money painting lanes on the roads because cars, motorbikes and bicycles constantly drift and swerve across multiple lanes of traffic without signaling, checking blindspots or slowing down.

The one safety behaviour I noticed drivers do was honking their horns. They honk so much, it’s like a symphony of car horns, easily more than a dozen per minute. While it was a sound to see, I wondered how effectively it protects against driving incidents/accidents.

We have witnessed a couple of weddings-office parties taking place on the grounds of the hotel. They have been colourful affairs, reminiscent of the Indian weddings I’ve seen in movies. The event planner in Sayma has enjoyed watching them set-up, host and take down these elaborate parties.

Finally, tomorrow we fly out to the Kingdom of Bhutan – I’ve been excited about this mystical land ever since I learned of it’s existence back in the early 2000’s.  Stay tuned for more from your regularly scheduled blogger Sayma.

Over and out – jeremy.


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  1. Marsha Greenberg says:

    Speaking of blogging, another good one! Thanks for keeping us informed! I love and miss you both! Enjoy your adventure!

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