Eastern Canada Trip Photo Highlights

This journey of new started with the new Billy Bishop airport tunnel. If checkin wasn’t fast enough already, this sure made the difference! While we liked the view of the hugely high escalators pictured below, recommend you take the elevator up especially if you tend not to like heights and have a few suitcases to juggle.

When you fly to Eastern Canada, be sure to set your watch to Atlantic Standard Time or Atlantic Daylight Time. Did you know Newfoundland has its own time zone? Set back another half hour.  We travelled forward in time from Toronto and it was lovely sleeping in late but not really. Who said you can’t travel in time!

We live to travel. And we travel to eat. Stubborn Goat gastropub in Halifax is a must stop. I recommend the truffle fries and truffle Mac and Cheese. Their peach cider was excellent as well.

Following lunch, we strolled along the waterfront boardwalk in downtown Halifax. Met this cutie pie!

Then we went off to Point Pleasant Park for a lovely sunset stroll. Met some deer friends along the way. 


This video is in PEI, we loved the beaches there, especially along the North coast. Weather changed quickly here from sunshine to rain…

At Grand Pre, we visited this cute store and garden named Tangled. Their freshly made ice cream and beautiful grounds are a must try.

Bay of Fundy at low tide below.

Lot of beautiful architecture.

And gorgeous flowers everywhere.

Peggy’s Cove

Amazing food and ice cream – our favourites – Cows ice cream and Fireworks restaurant.

Our trip’s last stop was in Newfoundland, where we got an amazing local experience a la my friend Megan. We loved spending time with Megan and her family and so appreciated their awesome hospitality – it was so special and unlike any of our usual holidays. Icebergs, Screeching in, Hikes and Beautiful landscapes, backyard BBQs and Jiggs Dinner – a truly grand friendly finale!


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